• CHRONIC PANCREATITIS DISEASE And Homoeopathic Treatment.

    CHRONIC PANCREATITIS DISEASE And Homoeopathic Treatment.                               I Dr patru singh yadav. Sponsor Id- 46192//And Mo- 9935877900// .               Address- Cinema road anpara Sonbhadra UP.               Well come to SPL cash com. And present time you read my blog post- CHRONIC PANCREATITIS DISEASE And Homoeopathic Treatment.                              What is the CHRONIC PANCREATITIS DISEASE :- Chronic Pancreatitis Disease is a disorder of the pancreas characterised by destruction of glandular tissue, the formation of fibrous tissue and calcification. As a result, the pancreas is shrunken and thickened and there is dilatation of the pancreatic ducts . The end picture is one of failure of endocrine and exocrine pancreatic function.                                     Homoeopathic medicines :- 

    1- Iris Versicolor :- Burning distress in the pancreatic region with vomiting of sweetish water. Saliva has greasy taste . Watery Diarrhoea contains undigested fat , worse in the morning, sick headache may be present.                                     2- Iodine :- Violent pain in the epigastrium and back, soapy taste in mouth, general enlargement of glands, copious soft Diarrhoea with foamy stools which contain fat.                                 3- Phosphorus :- Fatty degeneration of heart, Liver or kidney, undigested stools containing particles of fat , face is pale-yellow and patient anaemic, oily stools looking like sago.         4- Belladonna :- Catarrh of the pancreatic duct , in such a condition it should be followed by Mercurius. Belladonna is very efficacious in acute haemorrhagic pancreatitis.                             5- Atropine Sulph. :- Useful in pancreatic Disease.                                         If you like my blog post please like and share and comment this blog post. And join immediately my sponsor id-46192. Well come to SPL cash com. Thanks so much happy you good luck and good life.                  Thanks :- I Dr patru singh yadav. Sponsor Id- 46192// And Mo- 9935877900// .                        Address - Cinema road anpara Sonbhadra UP. 

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