BRONCHITIS or INFLAMMATION OF BRONCHIAL  TUBE                             I Dr patru Singh Yadav anpara Sonbhadra up. pin- 231225 . Sponsor id- 46192 . Well come to SPL cash com . And you read this blog post-Bronchitis or INFLAMMATION Of THE BRONCHIAL TUBE .          What is the Bronchitis :- Bronchitis is the Inflammation of the BRONCHIAL TUBE . This diseas is also called capillary Bronchitis . IT is an acute Inflammatory process involving the smallest air tube  . It is a dangerous complection of acute Bronchitis an is not uncommon among infant and children .                                           SYMPTOMS :- Bronchioles get affected and are quickly obstructed by the secretion and the swelling of the walls  . Pulse and respiration rise rapidly . The face becomes lived exhausted . Delirium or Coma , follow as a result . Rales may be heard near the lower lobs . In same cases the obstruction is no extensive that the breath sounds are almost audible .                               In some cases the out-look is very grave but recovery is not uncommon  . An occasional results is the development of a permanent dilatation or Bronchiectasis .                            TREATMENT :- ANTIM TART 30- It is the best suitable remedy in most cases of the Disease . This remedy is to be considered at two stage , the early stage and the later stage in capillary Bronchitis of children and old people with the following indications .             1- Wheezing respiration .            2- Most rales through out thest .                                              3- Cough appears to be loose , but no phlegm is raised .             4- In children there is no Cough, but there is drowsiness, superficial , laboured, respiration and vomiting of food , and mucus  may be some time be there .                      The following remedies according to symptoms .               Belladonna 30 , Bryonia 30 , Carbo Veg 30 , Mercurous sol 30 , Ipecac 30 , Kali Carb 12x , Kali Bich 6x .                                    If you like my blog post from you , please like and share and comment this blog post and you can join immediately my sponsor id- 46192 . Well come to SPL cash com . Thanks so much happy you good luck and good life . How to earn money online without Investment and watching videos belonging to SPL cash com .                              Thanks:- I Dr patru Singh Yadav anpara Sonbhadra up . pin- 231225 . Sponsor id- 46192 .                                             ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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